Let 's get over at nicobar for Christmas alone!

nicobar's Christmas event that you can enjoy alone!

Couple Markup

Christmas Eve night
「Christmas Eve ...
I wonder what I should do alone... I feel lonely...」

you there!

Come and spend a Christmas Eve night with nicobar!

nicobar a shop with many single customers.
No, concerning Christmas, there are many "single customers" than "single person"! haha

Speaking of Christmas, outside is a sweetheart mood, it will be a narrow feeling of willingness with an event not related at all to a single person.
You there!
Let's have a fun Christmas at nicobar!

what? "But the lovers will come too, huh? "
Yes, of course I will come!
But please be relieved! ! !

For those visiting us at a lovers our own unique service
『Couple Markup』 is applied!

Christmas Eve is a fun Couple Markup!XD

What is Couple Markup

In nivobar,Chrismas Evesince its foundation
I am doing annual Couple Markup every year.
12/24 Christmas Eve It is only one day's plan.

When you visit us at a couple,
It is planning that accounting will be increased by 20% without omission! haha
Customers other than couple are of course regular fee, so please come and join us with confidence.

Who is the target lovers?

A lovers who is on dating is of course, but who correspond to this are also eligible.

  • ★husband and wife
  • ☆Mistress
  • ★Those who came to the store were not lovers, Those who were not lovers at the store, but who became lovers before accounting (I believe they will not confess after accounting.)
  • ☆same-sex couple
  • ★Lover came later(In this case as well, the total for two people will be increased by 20%)
  • ☆Lovers participating in a drinking party

The following people are out of target, so it will not be surcharge.

  • ★Male and female friends
  • ☆ex boyfriend & ex girlfriend

In addition, please note that even if you break up immediately after paying a couple surcharge, you can not refund 20% of the difference.

Christmas limited special menu!

During the Christmas period (24th - 25th) we will sell Christmas special menu at Nico Bars nationwide!
Special Christmas "Special Chicken" is sold at 10 stores nationwide! In addition, there are also menus related to Christmas every store, so please come and join us!

Christmas SP Chicken!


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